Q. How do i format names with multiple parts?

If the author last name is hyphenated, add both names and the hyphen in the reference list and in the body when using in-text citation.

If the last name has two parts separated by a space and no hyphen, include both names in the reference list and in in-text citation.

If the author last name includes a particle (e.g.: de, de la, der, van, von), put the particle before the last name in the reference list and in in-text citation.

If the author last name includes a suffix (e.g.: Jr., Sr., III), include the suffix after the initials in the reference list but do not include it in the in-text citation.

Here are some examples:

Full Name

Name in Reference List

Name in In-Text Citation

Diego J. Rivera-Gutierrez

Rivera-Gutierrez, D. J. (2016).

(Rivera-Gutierrez, 2016)

Rena Torres Cacoullos

Torres Cacoullos, R. (2012).

(Torres Cacoullos, 2012)

Ulrica von Thiele Schwarz

von Thiele Schwarz, U. (2015).

(von Thiele Schwarz, 2015)

Simone de Beauvoir

de Beauvoir, S. (1944).

(de Beauvoir, 1944)

Ashley M. St. John

St. John, A. M. (2016).

(St. John, 2016)

Herbert M. Turner III

Turner, H. M., III. (2013).

(Turner, 2013)



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